poo plara papaya salad


poo plara papaya salad

Poo Plara Papaya Salad is a classic Thai dish that combines shredded green papaya, cherry tomatoes, green beans, and peanuts with a pungent and flavorful dressing made from fermented fish sauce, lime juice, palm sugar, and chilies.

At Passion Restaurant, the Poo Plara Papaya Salad is elevated with the addition of poo plara, a type of Thai fermented crab, which adds a rich and savory umami flavor to the dish. The salad is typically served with a side of sticky rice, which helps to balance out the bold and pungent flavors of the dish.

Overall, Poo Plara Papaya Salad is a delicious and unique Thai dish that is perfect for those who enjoy bold and flavorful flavors. The addition of poo plara takes the dish to the next level, adding a rich and complex umami flavor that is sure to satisfy even the most discerning of diners.

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Passion Restaurant is a Sushi - Thai food - Seafood restaurant located in Dubai. They also offer catering services for weddings and events.

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